3 good things about working from home

June 28, 2013 - 14:40

3 good things about working from home - Home+Work

When you search for things about working from home you'll be likely to find an article or a couple about the bad things. Certain people are ready to tell you how the fantasy about working from home is very different than the reality and how you'll have to kill yourself with work and how you will need a separate room for your work or else.

Even if you google for good things about working from home you'll soon notice most articles are about the good and bad, mostly bad.

You know why they tell this? First of all they may have learned the hard way the bad stuff about working from home. Second of all they know how people assume they don't work at all and they try and tell otherwise.

It's true, working from home isn't all easy and fun. No work is all easy and fun.

However working from home isn't all difficult and only all the bad things that will scare you off back to the office. Here are some good things about working from home.


Joan Otto from Man Vs. Debt writes how she loves to be interrupted at work. She understands that interruption is part of work. I mean, there's lots of interruption in offices: The clients and the co-workers with their constant demands.

I've visited an advertising company's office many times. I've actually sat there to work. Boy it was distracting.

A bunch of people were hanging around a computer, playing an ad out loud over and over again. Other's were having a heated conversation about how a project should be done. The first bunch was loudly congratulating each other for the job well done. A third group was conversing about something work related. In time to time someone would jump up and go to get more coffee or something or ask something from someone.

Those interruptions are (annoyingly) work related. The interruptions at home include work stuff (usually as a phone/Skype/etc call or an email) but also stuff that doesn't have much anything to do with work.

The washing machine is done and you have a break from work when you empty it. Your kids have questions to ask and you can take a time to try and answer them. Your significant other tells you about the funny thing they heard. And so on. It's awesome!


Commuting takes huge amount of your time and effort. Working from home you only need to commute when you get to a meeting or decide to go work somewhere else than home.

As Susannah Breslin says it, the commute is whatever distance lies between the bed and the desk. No need for a car, no need to drag yourself at the bus stop every morning, no need to dress up and do the make-up.

Commuting is one of the things that keep me working home. I cannot see a perk in having to spend hours just to get to work. Usually you won't even get paid for that time.


Working from home gives you freedom. Freedom from commuting and getting dressed. Freedom to decide your own working hours and where you want to work.

Adrian Granzella Larssen puts it best: You can be insane at work. You can play the music you like or sing loudly, do an impromptu yoga, dance a bit, yell and swear when things don't work and so forth without annoying any co-workers.

When you work from home you have such freedom anyone who works at a regular office doesn't know about. You are giving yourself the freedom to choose to go and see a movie in the middle of the day or read a book.

Or work. When ever you feel you are most productive. That could be in the middle of the night as well as during the day.

Other good things

These aren't the only good things. For me working from home is less stressful than working in an office. Of course it has to do with the quality of the work too, but working from home doesn't wound me up the way working in an office or someplace else does.

I'm also capable of separating life from work when working from home. This might not be the case for everyone.

If the things mentioned above are important for you productivity then working from home is your thing.

Photo by Jon Rawlinson under Creative Commons license.

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